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Sliced On-Demand Digital Insurance Infrastructure

Reach new source of revenues by connecting your website or App to Qover’s Insurance Product Library. You get a lead fee, we take care of the rest.
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Disclaimer: This website describes exclusively the technological solution that Qover is building, which will enable at a later stage to facilitate deploying a digital ledger for the insurance industry. At present, the technical solution described here is not used to commercialize or sell insurance products of any kind. Official Go-Live is expected in March 2017.
Reach New Source Of Revenues

Introduce our on-demand made-to-measure insurance coverage to your clients, broaden your offering and gain additional revenues.

Sliced & On-Demand Product Library

Sliced insurance is individualized specific coverage that your customer can assemble to create personalized coverage for a chosen duration. Find the right coverage for your products.

Seamless And Vertical Integration

Our solution is fully automated and digitalized. Your customer gets a price in real time and can immediately purchase an insurance contract that will be digitally and instantly issued.

Personalized pick & choose insurance products. Full range of non-life coverage
Flexible coverage duration. Cancel anytime
Systems & processes digitally reinvented
Full-fledged insurance solutions
Easy-to-use and robust APIs for seamless integration

New source of revenues and more repeat customers

Qover manages
the whole stack for you

You want to set yourself
apart from the competition?

We can create personalized insurance

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You send us information about your customer
  • Send leads via our portal or our web services
  • Coverage that is relevant to your product
  • Flexibility in the data for leads
Qover Insurance Lead GAP for Businesses
Your customer configures the product and instantly buys online
  • No more waiting time!
  • Easy products, fast processes made to delight your customers
  • Legal responsibility is in our hands
Qover Insurance Configure Your Gap Product
Your customer is now Qovered!
  • Real-time decisions
  • Full transparency on products & pricing
  • Right to cancel at any time
Qover Insurance Purchase your GAP coverage


Built for developers

Easy-to-use, robust and clean APIsfor seamless integration.

New source of revenues for your business

For each lead converted, Qover pays you an introducer fee!

Unique library of sliced insurance products

Your customers pay only for what they really need.

Scalable and cross-industry

Dedicated solutions for companies of all sizes. We can create personalized insurances.


Coverage from 1 day up to 5 years. Cancel anytime.

Our DNA: elevate customer experience

Qover manages digitally the whole stack of insurance: product design, pricing, risk & claims.

And much, much more…

We are ambitious and we are coming fast! Our goal is to operate in the entire European Economic Area with the most easy-to-use insurance portfolio of sliced on-demand coverage.

Got questions? We’d love to talk to you.
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Elevating the user experience

Our DNA is to elevate customer experience. We have completely rethought insurance products and processes. Your customer will feel delighted at any touch point with us!

At the center of Europe

Qover is partnering with the best in Europe to carry the insurance risk.

FSMA approved

Qover is fully approved and authorized by the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) under the registration number 115284A. We operate as an untied insurance agent in the European Economic Area.

Changing people’s opinions about insurance

Customer experience in insurance is a painful process: incomprehensible policies, not personalized, expensive products and unsatisfying claims service. We are therefore elevating the experience with on-demand made-to-measure insurance handled through a fully digital process. Thanks to our top-notch customer care, users feel supported and listened to in any situation. We work with the world's top risk carriers.

Complete your product offering with Qover insurances to grow your revenues

By offering our on-demand made-to-measure insurance products to your clients, you can offer a better service while gaining additional revenue. Simply get in touch with us and select the insurance solutions which fit your business model.

We would be happy to lead you through our easy-to-use insurance library of sliced products.


While traditional insurers are going digital by simply putting their complex processes and products online, we at Qover believe that digitalization is much more than a means to reach customers. Digital insurance is about re-thinking everything from an empty sheet.

Digital insurance needs to be easy-to-use and developer friendly to let you focus on building great relationships with your customers and enjoy additional source of revenues.

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